True leader in the field of health, the Clinic participates Universal for over 8 years to the betterment of his community by providing a passionate and effective care. Osteopathy, orthotherapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, muscle energy, active release technique and nutritional supplement and multi disciplinary services provided to optimize the health of his patients. The high-level speakers who remain at the cutting edge of technology and best treatment practices.

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We strive to raise the quality of rehabilitative care by providing proven treatments and devoting the time needed for effective treatment. Our team, oversees and directs our patients throughout their treatment, with a common goal: a speedy and permanent recovery. We want to stay in front of our patients and our referral, a reliable source of care musculoskeletal. The concept of the Universal Clinic: Clinic’s commitment is to provide Universal Health Services of the highest quality by the concept of specialized care, a team of care professionals dedicated to health and speedy recovery permanent patients. Ongoing training and development team are the foundation of leadership of the World Clinic for rehabilitation. And who brought us great experience and a professional working with various athletes such as: XC Marathon, red and gold football, circus, hockey NHL, XMMA, bodybuilding, equestrian, archery.

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