In defense of spinach!

You probably noticed that there are supply modes. There was a time when the star was spinach. Even Popeye used it throughout his pipe to give him superhuman strength. Today spinach is the “old stock” we have as kale! Yet spinach have not changed so much.

Spinach contains lutein and several antioxidants that are great for protecting our eyes and macular degeneration disease (1)

Spinach is a natural anti-inflammatory (2)

Spinach help maintain healthy blood pressure (3)

Spinach reduce insulin (4)

Spinach improve intestinal health (5)

Spinach improve cardiovascular health (6)

Spinach contains 5 g of protein per cup in addition to containing the following vitamins and minerals:
vitamin K1
Vitamin A (carotene)
Vitamin B2, B6, B9
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

The spinach also contain thylakoids that would have the power to improve the feeling of satiety (7) increasing the chances to consume less or to not overeat.

Including spinach in a smoothie is a good idea to increase the amount that can be taken and the action of the mixer will have the effect of releasing the beta carotene (8) which was taken in the membranes cell making your spinach even more powerful.

Alternate between eating raw and cooked for different reason and it is important to take your organic spinach if possible since they are part of the list of most contaminated by