Sébastien Lemire
Sébastien LemireD.O. Osteopath
I started in the field of therapy in 2005 as an osteoarthritis therapist. I later perfected in osteopathy in 2010. I naturally oriented part of my practice to the sporting clientele, having had a career in alpine skiing on the Canadian development team. I had the chance to participate as an athlete in several skiing sports competitions, after which I was able to participate as a sports therapist.

I have a great interest for any type of physical activity, it is for me a real passion. Whether it’s golf, skiing, hockey, cycling, running, crossfit, and more, I’m a real fan. It’s also what made me specialize in concussion and sports injury management, which allows me to help a wide range of clients.

I am continually pursuing my professional career with several trainings. Among other things, I was able to perfect myself in: the evaluation of running; neuro-proprioceptive “taping”; the active release technic (ART); the “muscle activation technic” (MAT); “Graston technic”; the connective structural technique. This allows me to vary my practice to better meet the needs of my clients, from the elite athlete to the salon athlete.

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